Why Energy Conservation Through Window Film Really Matters

Here in Dallas and across the US energy is something everyone is concerned about. As populations across the world grow the need for finding new ways of providing energy to meet the rising demand increase. Also on the rise is the need to cut back on fossil fuel usage. Not only does this ensure a sustainable future but adds jobs too! While we refine sustainable energy sources conserving energy is not only a good idea–but a necessary one as well. As it happens–window fil is a great way to do this.

How Window Film Conserves Energy

The EPA states lowering bills from heating and cooling buildings is a great way to cut down on energy usage. Here in Dallas where we have incredibly hot summers and even some icy winter days–this is true for us too. It may seem like reducing your one energy bill is a small thing to do but when multiplied across millions of homes and businesses–the impact adds up.   

Conserving Energy With Window Tints and Films

There are several ways to save energy costs through adapting your solar and climate control methods: turning off lights, unplugging unused appliances, using LED light bulbs. An excellent way to conserve on heating and cooling bills is by having us at Dallas Window Film install energy-efficient window film. This technology is cutting-edge and helps your residential and commercial windows function better in many ways including energy conservation.

Window Film Traps in Heated and Cooled Air

Window film technology is really cool (no pun intended). A seemingly minuscule layer of plastic thin acts as a powerful insulator on glass. In fact, it will make single-paned glass as effective as double-pane and double the same as triple-pane. This is good for both the environment and for your wallet. 

Window Tinting Reflects Heat Away From Interiors

You may not realize it but–as much as 40% of the heat that leaves your home in the winter and summer goes right out the windows. But not when you have window tinting applied. Window film also redirects up to 80% of that heat back outside! This keeps your home stays cooler and makes it more comfortable too. It also saves you money through lower energy bills. 

Window Film Reduces HVAC Load

When your HVAC systems have to turn on and off constantly to keep up with the hot and cold air leaving through the glass of your window they run less efficiently. They also use more power. This in turn makes them break down faster and more frequently causing the need for premature replacements. This adds both extra costs and extra waste. . Which is bad for your wallet and the environment.

As you can see– window film is more than just good for going green but also for adding more cash to your money flow. Contact us today at Dallas Window Film to learn more about the power of energy-efficient window film.