Will Window Film Damage My Home’s Windows?

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Window Film Questions And Answer

Objections and concerns about window film are something we, at Dallas window film, hear all the time. After 10 years in the window film biz, we have heard them all and are glad to answer them as best we can to help smart shoppers, like you, in the Dallas Metro area, make the very best decision about whether to put window film on your Texas home and what type of window film to purchase. One of the biggest hesitations we get is– “Will window film damage my glass?”

Our answer is a resounding–”No”.

Window Film For Your Dallas Home

To begin with, solar window tinting is designed specifically to protect residential and commercial glass windows- not ruin them. Years of research in the ever-evolving window tint field ensures, today’s solar film products, work harmoniously with the windows on the market today. Additionally, the films are installed with a water-based adhesive, which means they won’t leave behind a residue or damage the glass’s surface. In fact, the film can be removed by a professional in a simple process taking a couple of hours to a full day. Once it is gone, your windows will look exactly the same as before the treatment.

Window Film Expert In Dallas

While window film itself is not inherently damaging to your glass, one X factor to the equation is, who to have install your film. So much so that, who you hire could be the most important window tinting decision you make throughout the process. Not only does hiring a seasoned professional keep anything from happening to your glass, it also guarantees the tint applied to your window stays looking good for years to come. Improperly installed window film can peel, crack or chip in short order–leave your home exposed to the sun’s rays again and looking extremely unsightly. At Dallas window film we have the experience and know how to install your window tint properly. Beyond that, we have a commitment to customer service that second to none. We encourage questions and are happy to answer yours because our goal is to make sure you have all the information possible to make an educated and informed decision about solar window film. Contact us today with any questions you may have and to schedule a free consultation for your home!