Added comfort for your guests

Dallas hotel window films

With the addition of hotel window film, Dallas hotels, motels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts can offer guests a true benefit: added comfort in their rooms. And the hotel owner or manager might reap an added benefit as well: lowered overhead, via reductions in heating and cooling bills.

We are talking specifically here about energy-efficiency and glare reduction window films. With this type of hotel window film, Dallas area hotels make a one-time, affordable investment that can save money for many years to come.

Let’s talk first about the benefits to your guests. The hotel industry is extremely competitive, so if you can offer (and advertise) any advantage over your competitors’ your hotel’s business will definitely benefit.

Benefits of Hotel Window Film for Dallas Hotel Guests

These days, everyone is connected to their electronic devices at all times. The sun’s glare through your hotel’s windows can be a real irritant, blinding guests as the attempt to check their phones, work their tablets, or relax in front of their room’s TV. The only solution used to be drawing the drapes. But if your hotel offers beautiful views, this seems like a shame. Instead, tame the sun and cut its glare by over 80 percent with glare reduction window film.


Guests comfort is everything for a hotel or resort or bed and breakfast. It is what will keep guests coming back and what will have them singing your establishment’s praises to others. When they check into a room in summer, it might be sweltering hot. It might take forever to cool down, with the AC on high. But with energy efficiency window film, heat gain from the sun is blocked by a significant percentage. The room simply will not get that hot. Your air conditioning unit will cool it off that much more quickly and easily. And your guests will not have to draw the curtains unless they want the privacy.

Benefits of Hotel Window Film for Dallas Hoteliers

With energy-saving window film, you will be using less money on air conditioning costs. This can save you a substantial amounts. And during the cold winter months, this same energy-saving film will block the loss of heat through your windows. This can also allow your guests to be more comfortable in their rooms with less output from your heating system. And again, that can save you money on your heating bills.

If you would like more information about hotel window film, Dallas or any of the outlying towns and suburbs, please contact Dallas Window Film today. We’d be happy to answer any questions and offer a quote for a window film job.