Watch TV without blinds and without glare

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With the installation of glare reduction window film, Dallas homeowners can get something they might not even realize they’ve been missing: the opportunity to watch their TVs or work on their computers with the windows open, the sun shining in . . . and no glare!

Glare is an issue both inside and outside the home. Once upon a time, before today’s computer screens, tablets, cell phones and big flat screen TVs, glare was probably only a problem outdoors. And the solution was simple: sunglasses. Preferably ones that didn’t just look good, didn’t just darken the view, but actually cut glare.

For the inside of your home, office, or other commercial space, the solution to blinding glare is just as simple. Using glare reduction window film, Dallas residents can finally see clearly without squinting, swearing, or fiddling around with the angle of the television or computer screen. And also without having to close the shades or pull the curtains. After all, the Dallas sunshine is one of the things people love about the place! You don’t want to block it out, but you do need to be able to work or watch whatever you’re trying to watch.

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When it comes to glare reduction window film, Dallas Window Film is the area leader. We have over a decade of experience with a wide variety of different window films and source our products from the top manufacturers in the world: Llumar, Vista, and EnerLogic.

You can think of glare reduction window film as sunglasses for your home or office’s windows!

Our line of glare-reduction window films do double duty because they also block 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Why is that important? Because these are the rays that cause fading of your furnishings, your upholstery, your artwork, even your flooring or carpeting.

Glare reduction window film, Dallas homeowners are realizing, is a low cost, practical solution to the problem of glare. And less squinting has got to mean less wrinkling, right? One of the things clients tell us over and over is how this product has made them more comfortable in their own homes. And we believe that is a great thing.

If you are in the market for glare reduction window film, Dallas or any of the surrounding areas, we hope you will get in touch today. We’re happy to answer any technical questions, any pricing questions, any questions at all. Dallas Window Film prides itself on outstanding products, outstanding customer service, and outstanding installation. So why squint another minute? Get your comfort on with glare reduction window films. After all, that whole new season of Game of Thrones is waiting for you.