Adding window film can keep your schools energy costs to a minimum.

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Modern schools are light and airy, with windows in each classroom. Everyone these days is well aware of the many benefits of natural lighting. But these very same windows can be a huge drain on your budget, because they are one of the main places in a building where the heat leaks right out. And of course, in most areas of the country, the heating bill in a school can be extremely high. Replacement windows are frequently not an option, but one excellent solution to the problem of heat loss is school window film.

If you run a school or school district that operates all summer long with air conditioning to keep students and faculty comfortable, you know how high your cooling costs can be. School window films allow you to cut cooling costs in the summer, and lower heating costs all winter, for year round energy bill savings of up to 60%. (Obviously, not all of your energy costs go to the heating or cooling systems. That is why we cannot give an exact percentage of money that you will save.)

Energy costs in any commercial building can costs thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. These costs can be dramatically reduced by installing energy efficient window film to all the windows. This is one investment that will pay for itself quickly, typically in around three years, from the energy savings alone.

If you are going to recommend the investment in window films to your school board, city council, or budgetary committee, we recommend you go into the meeting armed with the facts on school window films. Because the fact is, they are pretty compelling. Pretty persuasive.


At Dallas Window Film, we offer a selection of top-of-the line window films for commercial use. The one we might be most likely to recommend for a school system looking to cut down on its energy costs is EnerLogic.

This high-tech product will block 99% of the sun’s UV rays from coming into your school through the windows. If you’ve ever sat next to a closed window in the summer, you can feel how hot the sun is on the glass. This heat is transferred into the building right through the windows. EnerLogic window films will block up to 50% of this type of heat gain in summer, leaving your air conditioning to work much more effectively – and inexpensively.

For the winter, the addition of school window films will give your school’s windows an enhancement of thermal efficiency as well. If they were previously single panes, they would have the thermal efficiency of a double pane. Our school window films effectively keep your expensive heat inside the building where it belongs, keeping students and faculty warm and comfortable, able to focus on their work without drafty and chilling distractions.

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