Dallas Window Film Case Study for Hotels

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As any hotel owner in Dallas can tell you, one of the biggest challenges you face in the hospitality business is making sure that your operational costs stay at a minimum. You’re constantly using cost-benefit analysis to ensure that you’re making the right decisions, from what items you put on your menu to what renovations take priority. But perhaps one of the smartest investments that hotels can make is increasing the energy efficiency of their building. For hotels in Dallas, the most cost efficient solution may also be the simplest one: window film.

One study determined that it’s estimated that the average hotel spends about 60% of their energy costs on heating and cooling, which accounts for 4-6% of total revenue. But in Texas, that number may be even higher due to the intensity of the summer heat. For example, the Hyatt Regency Houston found that its energy expenditures were totaling a mind boggling $1.6 million per year.

Case Study Conducted by the Hyatt Reveals How Window Film Reduces Energy Costs

In recent years, the Hyatt started receiving complaints from guests staying on the southeast and southwest sides of their building about the temperature of their room. Even though they were cranking up the air conditioning, the room wouldn’t cool down because the HVAC system couldn’t keep up with the intense desert heat.

So the owners of the hotel consulted with Green Generation Solutions to try to figure out how to get their energy crisis under control. GSG recommended that the Hyatt install a high performance window film to reduce their spendings. They tested a variety of products and decided upon EnerLogic films.

hotel window film dallas

Then, they conducted a series of experiments to determine how well the film would actually work in their guest rooms. The results were recorded in this case study. As the window film was being installed, so was put into place a sub metering system that could measure energy savings of the film. GSG predicted that the film would result in about 20% energy savings. But they soon found the film outperformed their expectations. The EnerLogic films were able to cut down about 23% of cooling costs and 25% of heating energy. The Hyatt installed the film for the rest of the rooms and experienced a full ROI in 3.5 years.

Experience Energy Savings for Your Dallas Hotel with Window Film

The story of the Hyatt in Houston is just one example of how window film has proven to be incredibly effective in reducing energy costs. You too can experience the incredible results of energy saving window film for your Dallas hotel. Call Dallas Window Film today to schedule an appointment or get more information.