Decorative window film offers an affordable style makeover.

dallas decorative window films

Have you ever walked by a store window advertising a deal? If you have and been intrigued by the messaging appearing right on the glass window, you might have wanted to take a closer look. This type of advertising is inexpensive and effective. This is one of the uses of decorative window film, an eye catching, affordable, versatile, and not-that-new product that many business owners are as yet unfamiliar with.

Have you ever seen a store window that looked like it was etched or painted glass? Or one with a cool design on it? This usually is also a decorative window film. At Denver Commercial Window Tinting, one of our most popular, highest quality products is Llumar Illusions Decorative Window Film.

We are excited to announce that many new styles and designs have been added to the Illusions line, for a product line totaling an enormous 56 different decorative window films – including seven gradient films.

The gradient films offer more or less opacity in different parts of the pattern. For instance, if you don’t want outsiders seeing in, but still want the openness glass provides, you could choose a gradient window film with more opacity to the design at eye level, so others won’t see your employees or clients. But it will have much less opacity at the very top or bottom of the glass, so the light will still flow through.


According to the manufacturer, this expanded decorative window film line will provide interior designers, architects, and commercial building owners with an attractive and cost-effective solution to enhance existing buildings and infuse new projects with creativity and imagination.


We know you are passionate about your business, regardless of your budget. The thing we are so excited by about these products is the way they will change the look and the image of your building, for a low cost (as compared to many other renovations or redecorating projects).


So if you have been looking for a way to transfer this passion into a whole new look for your business, we think decorative window films might be just the ticket. Would you like to take a look at Llumar’s new expanded product line? Click to use their innovative “visualizer.” Then click on “decorative window films.”

This product is fantastic to afford your street level business more privacy, while still letting the light through. It is excellent in today’s newer, more modern commercial buildings which might have glass doors and glass partitions between cubicles or offices. It is outstanding to give your office a unique and different look in a whole office building of suites that look about the same.

Llumar Illusion Decorative Window Films will give you a high end, classy, sophisticated designer look – without the designer costs!

Intrigued by the possibilities of this product for your storefront, mall business, office suite, or anyplace else with a lot of glass that could use some style and class? Please contact us today!