Window tinting can save commercial buildings money on energy costs.

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Commercial window tinting is becoming more and more popular all across Texas for one simple reason: the costs involved with energy for commercial spaces can be outrageous. They can eat your profits and put a huge strain on your operating expense budget. Frequently, large commercial spaces have massive glass windows that let the heat waft right out in the winter and let too much sun in to bake them in the summer.

Or they are older commercial spaces with drafty windows. High ceilings can also take their toll on your energy bills. There is a solution, though. If your building is too cold during the winters, too hot during the summers, and you are spending way too much trying to keep the internal temperature moderate and comfortable for the inhabitants, employees, customers, etc, let us help.

There is a simple way to combat these exorbitant heating and cooling costs with a minimal one time investment. Yep, commercial window tinting using the highest-quality, cutting edge energy efficiency window film. This product is affordable, simple and fast to have installed (about twenty minutes for the average window), doesn’t make a mess, and requires absolutely no maintenance at all once it has been installed.

Commercial window tinting can block 99% of the suns UV rays as well. Depending on the type you choose to have installed, these films can block up to 50% of the heat gain from the sun in the summer, allowing you to substantially cut down on your air conditioning expenses.

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Not only will an energy efficient window film keep the heat out during the summer months, it also works to keep the heat inside during the winter months, saving you money in both seasons. How much money? Many of our clients report an overall savings in heating and cooling costs of up to 60%. That’s year in and year out.

With those kind of savings, commercial window tinting is a building improvement that will pay for itself in a few short years, possibly as few as three years. Now you probably understand the first statement that we made, that this product is gaining rapidly in popularity. Why waste such a large portion of your energy expenditures on heating and cooling that drift right out of your building, still leaving your inhabitants uncomfortable.

Not to mention your discomfort when you see the bill! If “green” is a priority, adding commercial window tinting to every window in your building will definitely help lower your carbon footprint.

Any questions about how commercial window tinting can save you money and make your commercial building more comfortable year round? Please contact us at Dallas Window Film today for options and pricing. And say goodbye to exorbitant budget breaking bills!