Anti-Graffiti window film can help protect your storefront.

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Many storeowners have never heard of anti-graffiti window film, but it provides a sensible and affordable solution to an ongoing problem. Owning a business with a storefront can be great for advertising, great for foot traffic and visibility, but can also be a nightmare if your store is in the wrong location. Meaning, a location in an inner city area where graffiti seems to be the hobby of some of the inhabitants. Your downtown storefront provides also an all-to-easy target for graffiti.

And these days, graffiti comes in more damaging forms than just plain old paint, as if that wasn’t problematic enough. Vandals these days are tagging window glass and other surfaces in public places using etching tools, acid, paint and permanent markers.

Do you live in a heavily graffitied part of town? No efforts to stop this practice have been particularly effective, and graffiti artists continue with their attempts to place their message wherever they want to – possibly even on your business store front. This type of vandalism can cost you thousands of dollars in cleaning or window replacement costs. But there are ways to protect your building. One of them, as mentioned, is anti-graffiti window film.

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This cutting edge product is easily installed and replaced. So if you come to work one morning, and find that the large plate glass windows in the front or sides of your building storefront have been vandalized with paint, all you have to do is remove the window film, and reapply a new one. It’s a simple, clean, affordable, and effective solution to the problem. No more wasting your morning fuming, swearing, and scrubbing at the window with a sponge and a soapy bucket of water, in vain, trying to remove the paint.

And obviously, replacing a sheer film on your windows can be done for a mere fraction of what it would cost if you had to replace those same windows.

Anti-graffiti window film is also fantastic if you run a bar, nightclub, or any kind of teen hangout or public space where your clientele is likely to put graffiti on your bathroom mirrors. Once graffiti vandals see they cannot get the result they wanted, and their work is immediately and easily removed, hopefully they will get discouraged and move on to greener pastures, namely your competitors and neighbors who are not using window film to protect their store fronts.

Our high-quality anti-graffiti window film is manufactured by Llumar, one of the highest-quality developers of cutting-edge, high performance window films.

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