How Dallas Schools Can Save Money by Using Mirror & Metal Shield to Prevent Tagging in Bathroom Stalls and on Bathroom Mirrors

mirror shield dallas schools

School bathrooms are a magnet for graffiti. They’re discreet and private, which means that kids can easily get away with vandalising these areas without getting caught. And unless something is done to stop the vandalism, it’s just a matter of time before bathrooms in even the nicest and newest schools become completed covered with scratches, marker, and paint. But replacing entire restroom fixtures can be an expensive ordeal. That’s why window film Dallas offers Mirror and Metal Shield. Mirror and Metal Shield can completely eliminate the presence of graffiti in your school at a cost-friendly, affordable rate.

mirror shield dallas schools

Mirror and Metal Shield Helps Dallas Schools

Renovations are hard to work into a school budget. More important things tend to take precedence, leaving these projects to lay waiting for a magical day when the state decides to finally invest in education. Mirror and Metal Shield is a more affordable alternative to replacement. It works to cover up existing and also helps to maintain the appearance of your restrooms long term. If the film gets tagged in the future, it can be professionally removed and replaced. Saying good-bye to graffiti is as simple as that.

A Protective Shield for School Bathrooms

Mirror and Metal Shield is perfect for school bathrooms. These areas are prone to vandalism, corrosion, and rusting. With Mirror Shield, you can conceal any deterioration or scratches in your bathroom mirrors. Similarly, Metal Shield works to cover up graffiti on stainless steel or aluminum restroom partitions. These anti graffiti films are completely customizable are able to be cut to meet any size or specification.

mirror shield dallas

Say Good-Bye to Graffiti

Give your school a fresh, clean appearance. Contact our office to have Mirror and Metal Shield installed for your Dallas school or university today.