Protect Your Buildings Windows From The Glaring Dallas Sun

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Get Rid Of The Glare Problem On Your Dallas Office Building

The buildings of Dallas rise high above the quickly growing city and from far away their windows glimmer like stars shining in the middle of the day. Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the heat and the glare from the unforgiving sun. Beyond the sometimes unbearable glare, occupants of buildings from Garland to Irvine face other issues relating to the sun: harmful UV rays and air conditioners working overtime. Which in turn leads to higher electric bills. A case study done on a hotel in Boston details how something as simple and inexpensive as window film led to higher profitability for this historical landmark

SITUATION: A downtown Boston Hotel that formerly housed the Federal Reserve Bank, noticed their top floors, especially those with more windows, were not cooling down properly. Even with the air conditioning on the highest setting, rooms were unseasonably hot. This led to extremely high energy and a significant portion of rooms on the top floors unable to be used. Meaning, even more, profit loss for the hotel.
SOLUTION: The recommendation by engineers was EnerLogic® 35 solar control window film. The hotel took the good advice and film was installed on all east, south, and west sides of the building.
RESULT: The results came back extremely positive:
“EnerLogic 35 exceeded our performance expectations and guest feedback has been incredible. The window film looks great and has lowered the hotel’s energy costs. As a result of the installation, The Langham qualified for a 25% Mass Save rebate from NSTAR.” said a representative from the hotel.

Dallas Window Tint Expert

This is just one example of how Enerlogic window tint not only reduces glare and evens out ambient temperature, it also saves money for a business just like yours. If you live in the Dallas area and are looking for a solution to the hot beating sun, contact us today! We have installed tens of thousands of feet of window tint and we have solutions like EnerLogic® 35 solar control window film to fit your unique needs.