Window Film On Your Dallas Hotel Windows Saves You Money!

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The Cost Of Windows Without Tint On Your Dallas Hotel

Life in Dallas, Texas is great. The economy is doing well, the people are friendly and the weather is mostly mild…mostly. One issue Texans residing in Dallas and visitors alike have to face is the sweltering Texas sun. The glare on windows in homes, offices, and hotels can make for very uncomfortable environments. Take, for instance, the luxurious Hyatt Regency, right down the road in Houston. They found themselves dealing with sun issues just like us here in Dallas. Even with their rotating top floor restaurant, it was hard to live up to the Hyatt’s company reputation for luxury and comfort, because of constant complaints from guests about their rooms being unusually hot. They also found they were not as profitable as they should have been– high utility bills were sucking away profits on a regular basis. As complaints of excessively hot rooms and extra high energy bills piled up, they soon realized, the culprit costing them money and making rooms uncomfortable for their guests was their windows.

Window Film For Energy Savings On Your Dallas Hotel

The Hyatt Regency decided to do something about the problem both for the sake of their wallets and their reputation. They invested in Enerlogic Low-E Window film for all the windows on their hotel, which was a fraction of the cost of window replacement. The results were amazing! They immediately noticed complaints from guests about unseasonably hot rooms stopped completely. With the help of special monitors attached to the windows of the hotel, they also confirmed what they suspected from the beginning–the windows were letting heat in and cold air out, putting a massive load on their HVAC systems. Their heating and cooling bills dropped an average of 23% after the windows on their hotel were treated with Enerlogic Low-E Window Film.
At Dallas Window Film we know the impact window tint can have on your commercial building, especially “customer-centric” businesses like hotels. If you own a hotel or other commercial property in the Dallas area, the video below is worth watching. Take a look and contact us today for a free estimate on your properties windows.