3 Common Questions About “Bulletproof” Glass

bullet proof vs bullet resistant glass

The Truth About Bulletproof Vs. Bullet Resistant Glass

At Dallas Window Film we field a lot of questions about window tint, window film and the like. Homeowners and businesses, generally come to us asking about how window film will help them mitigate the harmful rays of the sun. And while window film is great for applications such as that, film on windows can be for protection for things much more sinister than the sun, such as burglary, terrorism and natural disasters. These days we are fielding more and more questions on the efficacy of window film, specifically our top-rated C-bond film, for applications regarding bomb blasts, gunfire and breaking and entering attempts. Below are some of the most common questions we are getting and our answers to them.

Is It Really Bulletproof?

It may surprise you but the answer is–no. Because with enough time and effort or simply a big enough caliber bullet, an intruder can breach supposed indestructible, “bulletproof” glass. As such, We prefer to use the term bullet-resistant. Glass treated by our experts with C-bond film provides an invisible “safety barrier” that protects your windows from high impact force and severe stress environments.

As you see below, the C-bond treated glass still breaks after the impact of 5 bullets but the glass stays in place–meaning no dangerous flying glass debris and in the case of an intruder–time for you to escape.

Bullet Resistant Window Film Test - 1 Scottish Window Tinting

How Does It Work?

The best explanation of how C-bond works come directly from their mouths. According to their site:

“The unique qualities of C-Bond enable ordinary glass to dissipate energy by penetrating beneath the molecular surface and reconfiguring a hybrid spider web framework within the microscopic fibers of the glass structure.”

In layman’s terms, C-bond basically changes the glass on a molecular level to making it strong and keeping it from shattering.

What Does It protect from?

As you obviously know bullet-resistant glass protects from bullets. However, it also is a protective barrier from:

-Bomb blasts
-Hammer blows
-Flying debris
-Hurricane force winds

Dallas’s Safety & Security Film Experts

When it comes to security, failure is not an option. Which is why choosing a security window film installer with experience and a good track record are imperative for success. Here at Dallas Window Film, we have been installing safety and security glass for over a decade and we are a contractor you can rely on to get the job done right. If you are considering a residential or commercial security glass purchase, contact us today with questions or to schedule a free, on-site consultation!