Mirrored & Metal Surfaces Tagged With Graffiti?

Mirrored & Metal Surfaces Tagged With Graffiti? Anti-Graffiti Film to the Rescue

When it comes to metal repair or mirror repair after these surfaces have been etched, scratched, or gouged by vandals leaving their “mark,” and calling it graffiti, we have a simple, practical and affordable solution.

What’s not simple or affordable is having to replace expensive property after a graffiti attack leaves it ruined. Because these days, graffiti is just as likely to be scratched into a surface with a sharp implement, with an acid pen, or something else that cannot simply be cleaned. Businesses have spent too much money replacing tagged or scratched glass, mirrors, and metal surfaces. And once they are replaced, what’s to say they won’t be immediately tagged, again and again?

A cheaper, better solution is installing a mirror repair or metal repair anti-graffiti film. These films look just like the surfaces they are meant to cover, so your mirrors will still look like mirrors, your steel wall will still look like a steel wall, etc. But they are made of what’s known as a sacrificial film, sturdy enough to take anything the graffitiers throw at them. In this way, only the film is damaged.

So once the film is installed, your mirror repair or metal repair from scratching and tagging is as simple as removing the ruined film, and adding a new one. All you need to do is contact us at Dallas Window Film and we’ll send out our professionally trained installers to do the job.

As you can imagine, anti-graffiti mirror repair and metal repair films are significantly cheaper to install than new mirrors or new metall bus stops, signs, bathroom stalls, or whatever metal items have been defaced.

Protect your business and your property with anti-graffiti metal repair and mirror repair films.

Now, what if your surfaces are already ruined? No problem. The mirror repair and metal repair films will hide what the vandals already did, returning your property and your premises to the polished professional look that was lost.

For more information about metal repair and mirror repair from tagging, scratching, or etching, why not contact us today? We’re happy to answer any questions, explain the different anti-graffiti films in our line and make a recommendation, offer you a quote for the job, and make an appointment for our installation techs to come right to your business and protect your vulnerable surfaces.

Restore your business’ appearance with metal repair and mirror repair anti-graffiti film. Say good by to the endless headaches caused by graffiti tagging, scratched and etched surfaces, acid damage, permanent marker damage, and much more.