Window tint vs. Window film… what makes them different?

With Window Tinting, Dallas Homes and Businesses Get a Lot More Than Just Tint!

Window tinting versus window films: what’s the difference and which is the right product for your residential or commercial needs? The answer is actually pretty simple. Originally window tinting is what was done to vehicles to block glare, but these days, the two terms are used pretty much interchangeably.

Here at Dallas Window Film, we sell a large line of different window films, and yes, many of them do have a tint. So whether you want to call it window film or window tinting, Dallas customers can be assured of getting the perfect product to suit their needs.

Our main categories of window tinting for Dallas include:

  1. Energy efficiency window films: Saves customers money on their energy bills by making the windows more thermally efficient, which cuts down on the amount of heating and cooling needed. With this type of window tinting, Dallas homeowners can save as much as fifty percent on air conditioning and heating bills. These films also block UV rays and glare, making the home more comfortable year round. As far as tint goes, it ranges from none to as dark as the client would like.
  2. Security window films: Adds security to the home or commercial building by enhancing the strength of the windows. Security films vary widely in thickness, and can make a window less prone to shatter or virtually shatterproof. With this type of clear, unnoticeable window tinting, Dallas homes and businesses prevent burglaries, smash and grabs, and the dangers of flying shards of glass. Because even if the windows do break, the glass will still remain held in the frame by the heavy duty polyester meshing in the window film itself, which is bonded to the glass.
  3. Privacy and decorative window films: This category includes films that look like frosted or etched glass, mirrored glass, textured or patterned glass. They not only add privacy but can add a gorgeous high-end designer appeal to a space. With this type of window tinting, Dallas businesses can elevate the look of their space for an affordable price. Decorative films can be customized as well. Talk to us about the new, fully customizable HDClear decorative window film with its fantastic 3D effects.
  4. Anti-graffiti window films: As the name suggests, these films cover spaces that might come under graffiti attack, and if they do, the film can easily be removed. With this type of window tinting, Dallas businesses can save a lot of money on costly glass, metal, or mirror replacements if these surfaces are ruined by scratching or etching graffiti.

For more information about any type of window tinting, we hope that you will contact us today.