Office window film can save your Dallas office money.

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Office window film, Dallas savvy business owners are finding, can save them money in a couple of different ways. But before we get into that, let’s discuss exactly what office window film is.

Most Dallas residents are very familiar with a product known as window tinting, which is a film put on your vehicle’s windows to block the sun. Our line of office window films might also block some of the sun, but they have some very different uses as well.

The main benefit for office window film, Dallas commercial building owners know, is to save money on heating and cooling bills. For this use, we would recommend one of our commercial grade energy efficiency window films. This is an extremely affordable investment that will continue to save you money on energy bills for many years to come, after it has quickly paid for itself with the savings you’ll receive.

Here’s how this product works. Once applied to the inside of your exterior windows, this energy efficiency window film will block heat gain from the sun all throughout Dallas’s sweltering summers. This means less work is required and less energy is expended by your office air conditioning system to keep your staff, your clients, and your machinery cool and comfortable.


When the heat goes on, the same product provides a somewhat different purpose, by not allowing the heat to escape through the glass like it ordinarily would. This allows your heating system to expend less energy to keep your offices warm. The result: less money spend on energy bills over the course of the year. So with office window film, Dallas business owners have a passive, maintenance free way to cut costs.

But that is not the only way office window film and Dallas businesses can combine to save you money. Let’s talk about UV damage. You know, the fading of your flooring, your office artwork, your expensive office furnishings that is caused by the sun’s UV rays beating down day after sunny day, year after sunny year. Once your office furnishings start to fade, they look shabby and will likely have to be replaced if you are concerned with the prosperous appearance of your offices. And that’s expensive. And unnecessary as well.

With UV fade protection office window films, Dallas offices can block 99 percent of both UVA and UVB rays, allowing your furnishings to stay new looking much, much longer.

When it comes to office window film, Dallas Window Film has the expertise to help you choose the best commercial window film for your business’ needs. Please contact us today for an appointment, to ask any questions, or receive a competitive bid.