Office window film for energy savings.

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With office window film, business owners small and large can solve a problem with few other solutions. We are talking about the high cost of utility bills, of which a major percentage might just be heating and cooling costs.

If you think about it, there are many business expenses that cannot be gotten rid of. They are looked at as just part of the cost of doing business, an essential part of your overhead. But what if that overhead could be lowered substantially? Would you be interested?

When it comes to cooling costs (luckily, Dallas does not have much need for heating), office window film provides an affordable solution. The investment in the product pays for itself in a few years via savings on energy bills.

Here is the way energy efficiency office window film works. Let’s say your business’ offices have a lot of window that let in direct sunlight for several hours of the day. In the sweltering heat of Dallas’ impressively hot summers, that sunlight bakes in through your windows, causing a phenomenon known as heat gain. The heat is absorbed and transferred through the glass and released into your offices. The result? A hot office and an air conditioning system running on high to combat it. After all, you cannot leave employees, clients, customers, or partners sweating.


One solution is to replace your windows with low-E glass. But that is an expensive option, and if there is nothing actually wrong with the windows, you would be justified in refusing to do it. The other solution, a much less expensive one, is to add office window film to the interior of each pane of glass. Once installed, this product forms a molecular bond with the glass and does it’s important, money-saving, energy-reducing, carbon footprint-lowering task.

It blocks that pesky heat gain from the sun’s rays coming through your windows. Sometimes as much as fifty percent. And the result is that you need less air conditioning to keep your office space comfortable. Frequently much less! And that saves you money, year after year after year.

Now, during any parts of the year that Dallas offices do need heat, office window film will save you money on heating bills as well. It blocks the transmission of heat out the window, preventing heat loss and again keeping your office space more comfortable with less energy output.

If you have a Dallas business of any kind, large or small, and you’ve been wondering if there was any reasonable way to cut down on your energy costs, we believe energy efficiency office window film is the ticket. Why not give us a call today to get a quote or have us answer any of your questions?