Protect your skin while on the road

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Why get UV protection film for your vehicle? Have you ever considered the amount of sun and UV rays your face is receiving while you are on the road? We live in a very mobile society, and most of us would be stunned to hear the figures on how many hours a year we actually spend sitting in our cars.

If you have not heard of UV protection film for a car’s windows, that is probably because most people don’t even realize that their skin can be damaged right through the glass. And that this can happen even if your vehicle has the kind of tinted windows that many vehicles come with today.

We are talking about a special kind of tinting. It is not to darken the windows but to protect your skin. Because the fact is, UV damage is cumulative over time. So while you are unlikely to get a sunburn while driving to the mall or even going on a road trip around the state, you are absorbing both UVA and UVB rays while you sit in the car. Day after day, year after year. These are the same damaging rays of the sun for which you wear protective sunglasses and slather on sunscreen. The same damaging rays that over time, cause wrinkling, sun spots, and even skin cancers.

Were you aware that the incidence of skin cancer and sun spots is much higher on the left side of the face than the right? And of course, the left side is the side that is continually exposed to the sun as you drive.

Dallas auto UV window film

UV protection film provides another layer of protection and peace of mind. It is installed to the windows of your car, truck, SUV, etc., then it can be forgotten about. It requires no maintenance. It can be added to already tinted windows. You can wash your windows as normal.

Can you imagine the difference to your children’s skin over time if they are protected right from an early age with UV protection film in parents’ and caretakers vehicles?

UV protection film is a simple and affordable choice that is perfect for parents, delivery drivers, long haul truckers, limo drivers, bus drivers, or anyone who wants to protect their skin from that day to day, month to month, year to year accumulation of ultra violet rays.

Here at Dallas Window Film, we offer the highest quality, highest performing vehicle window film products. Other vehicle window films in our line include heat-blocking window film, which can keep your car cooler even in Dallas’s furnace-like summers. We also offer a vehicle film that acts as a shield for your car’s finish. It is generally applied to the vehicle’s front end to protect it from the scratches and dings that come along with driving on Dallas’s roads and highways.

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