Increase your car’s value

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Would you like to hear three different ways that modern, high performance car window film can either help increase, or retain your car’s value? Before we give you the specifics, let’s just say that the car window films we are discussing here are quite different than the dark tint that your car’s windows might have come with. So even if you already have that kind of window tint, we invite you to read on.

Three Ways Car Window Film Can Retain or Increase Your Car’s Value

1. Block the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. We all know to wear sunscreen when we’re going to spend any time outdoors, but how many of us actually consider driving in the car as being outdoors? Fact is, UV exposure is cumulative and drivers accumulate an unacceptable amount right through their car windows. The incidence of skin cancer on the left side of American drivers’ faces is much higher than the incidence of skin cancer on the right side. Startling and compelling reason for UV block car window film, wouldn’t you say? And since ultraviolet damage is cumulative, imagine the protection you are giving your kids from a very young age with this product installed in your car’s windows. Now, this type of car window film won’t do anything to stop your car’s depreciation over time, but might be an impressive selling point adding value when you go to sell the vehicle.

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2. Keep the front end of your vehicle looking shiny and new, protected from bugs, roadway debris, de-icing chemicals or salts on the roadway, and chips formed by pebbles or glass that are flung against your vehicle on the road. With paint protection car window film, you will help to retain your car’s value by making sure the finish stays new much, much longer. After all, a dull, scratched or chipped paint job is one of the things that drives down a vehicle’s resale value. People might want to buy older cars, but they’d still like them to look as new and as well-taken care of as possible. Paint protection car window film is applied to the front end of your vehicle, where it will be all but imperceptible to the naked eye. It will preserve the luster of your car’s front end.

3. Have you ever wished someone would invent a way to keep your car from turning into a furnace in the summer sun? They have! With heat blocking car window film, you can throw away those bulky and annoying windshield screens for good. (Not like they ever did any good on the sun coming in through the sides or back windows, did they?) Block enough heat gain from the sun with this high tech yet affordable product to see a noticeable difference in your vehicle’s temperature, even in the sweltering Dallas summers. Imagine the increase in value when you explain that to a potential car buyer!

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