Privacy window film can add much needed privacy to your home.

Dallas vista film

Do you have areas of your home that could use a little more privacy? If you’re after privacy, window film, Dallas Window Film has just what you are looking for. We offer window film for areas of your home that suffer from a poor view, bathroom windows, or any area that could use more privacy.

Maybe you have a hallway window that has a view of a parking lot, a busy street, or your neighbor’s home. Or a bathroom window that faces a busy, well used backyard. Or even worse, maybe your window and your neighbor’s face each other, and you can each see into the other’s home. Awkward! If this is your situation, you’ve probably already hung curtains or shades, but perhaps there is a better, prettier, more unique solution. One that adds real value to your home. One that lets the light shine through.

If what you want is privacy, the feeling that you are safe and alone in your home, away from the prying eyes of the world, check out our line of privacy window films.


Privacy window film, Dallas residents are discovering, can give you this much needed privacy, without blocking all the natural light like curtains or blinds do. It comes in a wide variety of styles. Some of them are mainly about privacy, and can resemble frosted glass, etched glass, or pebbled glass.

But other privacy window films can be more decorative and provide an affordable method to add real style, color, and uniqueness to your home along with more privacy.

Privacy window film, Dallas entryways, and stained glass are a perfect example of what we are talking about. If your home or business faces a busy street, if you have sidelights next to your front door that allow solicitors and salespeople to see right into your home, perhaps this is an area where you want more privacy. We’ve seen homes where the owner pasted paper over those windows. We have a much better, prettier solution. What about a window film that mimics the look of real stained glass? You can amp up the style and eye-catching elements of your entryway, plus prevent prying eyes from peering inside.

When it comes to privacy window film, Dallas and the surrounding areas, we would love to show you the options available. You might want something very different for a bedroom or bathroom window than you would for your entryway or hallway. Why not give us a call today to see our line of privacy window films and receive a quote.