Window film benefits for your Dallas home.

dallas window film residential case studies

When it comes to residential window film, Dallas citizens aren’t yet aware of the many benefits they can get from this product. Because it is not just one product, but a whole line of products with different uses and different benefits. Which type of window film might be best for your home? Let’s take a look at the different kinds of films on the market and what they do.

Types of residential window films for Dallas homes


1. Energy efficiency window film: this is probably the most popular of all the types of window film we sell. It forms a molecular bond to the inside of your windows and prevents heat loss in the winter, and heat gain in the summer. This will save you money on your heating and cooling bills, year after year, with no maintenance required once it is installed. Oh, and if those benefits weren’t enough to convince you, energy efficiency window film will also block 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Like sunblock for your home!

2. Security window film: this product will definitely give you peace of mind and help you sleep better at night. If you already have a security system in your home, you already know that it cannot stop a burglar from smashing a window to gain entry. And if your window does get smashed, the flying glass and pointed shards that land everywhere, inside and out, can be a nuisance at best and quite dangerous at worst. This window film will literally hold it together—we’re talking about the glass, of course. If smashed, it will not fall out of the frame, thereby denying any villain entry into your home.

3. Privacy window film: this product can not only add privacy to a window while still letting the sun shine through, it can come in all sorts of decorative options that will add style and interest to your décor. It can appear like a frosted, etched, or even a painted window. Perfect and inexpensive solution to anywhere in your home that you wish had more privacy, such as your entryway, your bathroom windows, or even your bedroom windows.

4. Decorative window film: With this residential window film, Dallas homes can get a facelift quickly and inexpensively. Consider this product on your glass shower enclosure, your sidelights, or any other glass window, door, or wall that needs a style upgrade. This product even comes in a design that mimics the look of stained glass.

So if you are looking for residential window film, Dallas or any of the outlying communities, we hope you will contact us with any questions today. We’d be delighted to set up an appointment or offer you a competitive quote.