Bomb blast window film can protect your building in the event of an attack.

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Nobody likes to think about acts of terrorism, but the fact of the matter is that bad things can happen, regardless of where we are. Installing bomb blast protection window film can protect your building, employees, and guests from an explosion.

Bomb blast window film, Dallas organizations are discovering, is the practical, affordable solution. It is a perfect option for government and municipal buildings, hotels, convention centers, public buildings, and any other buildings that might be in any kind of danger from terrorist attacks.

The installation of bomb blast window film is a smart, pro-active investment that definitely falls under the category of “better safe than sorry.” One of the many dangers of a bomb blast is that it can turn the shards of glass from a broken or shattered window into literal shrapnel, dangerous and potentially deadly. Imagine a bomb blast shattering your huge plate glass windows and the shards being propelled through the air like knives. This shrapnel can maim or kill not just people inside the building, but passersby in the street as well.

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When it comes to something like bomb blast window film, Dallas government buildings are actively interested in adding this safety feature to their other security measures. Believe it or not, bomb blast window film is made from a substance that was frequently poked fun at when it was first invented, but has proven its worth in many different applications in the last couple of decades. We are talking about . . . wait for it . . . polyester!

Yes! The kind of bomb blast window film Dallas buildings are having installed is made from a multi-layered, mega-tough, transparent form of that not-so-ordinary substance. It seems impossible, but once installed, these films meet or even exceed the DOD/GSA/USACE security criteria for fragment retention. Meaning, the windows will still shatter, but the film will hold the fragments in place, allowing for much easier cleanup, and a much safer situation all around.

In case you are wondering about appearance of a window installed with bomb blast window film, Dallas clients report that it lets the sun through beautifully and it does not discolor, crack, or peel. The high-quality window film we use is warranted to maintain optical clarity and requires no maintenance at all.

If you want to protect your building from terrorism, protecting the windows is an important aspect of any security system. Please contact Dallas Window Film today to discuss adding bomb blast window film to your facility.