Protect your car from corrosion

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Have you heard of paint protection film for your car, SUV, truck, or other vehicle? This is a wonderful innovation that can keep your vehicle’s finish looking fantastic, unscratched, undinged, and unchipped for years to come.

Along with that protection, paint protection film is protecting your investment by ensuring your car retains its value as long as possible.

In Dallas, road hazards are many. There can be rocks or glass shards flung up at your car by passing vehicles or trucks in front of you. There can be swarms of sticky insects that are flattened into the front of your car. And there can be many different chemicals on the road that can corrode your car’s beautiful showroom finish. There can be chemical spills that you might drive through, or de-icing products or sand and salt. Even harsh detergents can start to corrode your car’s finish.

There’s another type of corrosion that paint protection film can save your vehicle from: chipped paint, which leaves the metal of the body open to rust. Rust is a dangerous corrosive that can ruin your car’s appearance, structure, and resale value pretty quickly. Like the song says, “rust never sleeps.”

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Paint protection film will ensure that no little rock flung up from under your wheels will chip your paint. This product is usually installed to the front end of a vehicle, since that is the part that bears the brunt of road assaults. It consists of a urethane film that will barely show once it has been installed. The pieces are cut to match the contours and areas of your car. You can have it installed on as much or as little of your vehicle as you like, but once installed, paint protection film will keep your car’s paint job shiny and perfect. (Assuming it was perfect when the film was installed, of course.)

It will keep corrosive elements from degrading your shining finish, keep your car looking fantastic, and keep its resale value as high as possible. After all, a faded, dinged, scratched finish definitely detracts from the appeal and resale or trade in value of a vehicle, wouldn’t you agree?

After the paint protection film has been professionally installed, you’ll barely be able to see it. And you will still be able to wash and polish your car as you did before.

Dallas Window Film offers top of the line films for home, commercial, and vehicle use, each with a specific purpose and set of benefits. For more information about our full line of vehicle window films and our paint protection film, please give us a call or contact us online today.