Protect yourself while driving

Dallas auto window film

Here at Dallas Window Film, we are excited to begin vehicle window tinting as of January 1, 2016! And we are even more pleased to be able to offer the top UV ray protection film from one of the world leader in innovative window film products, Llumar.

Why would you need UV protection window tinting in a car? For a variety of reasons.

If you are a driver, you might have noticed that you have more sun spots and discolorations on the left side of your face, from sun exposure right through the driver’s side window of your car. And that is even if you have regular window tinting, the kind that only darkens the windows and cuts glare. But the fact is, the rate of skin cancer is also higher on the left side of people’s faces as well.

You might feel skeptical about the need for UV ray protection in a vehicle, since even on a road trip, you probably never got a sunburn right in your car. And if your car already has window tinting that came with the vehicle, you might wonder why you would need a different one. But the UV rays do get through the glass and these are the same rays that contribute to premature aging, wrinkles, age spots, and more. This damage is cumulative over the course of your life. And these days, so much of one’s life is spent in a car or other vehicle. And the type of window film we are talking about is different than the one that came with your car.

Dallas auto UV window film

If you consider how much of your life is spent in the car, you’ll see immediately why UV ray protection window films are a fantastic and simple solution. You can not only protect yourself, but protect your children as well, starting at an early age.

Would you be surprised to hear that the Skin Cancer Foundation actually recommends UV ray protection window films as part of a preventative skin care regimen, both in the home and in the car?

With Llumar UV ray protection window tints, 99 percent of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays are blocked. So why wait? Why let the sun continue to damage your skin for another day, much less another year and another year and another year…?

If you are interested in finding out more about Llumar UV ray protection window films for your vehicle, why not give us a call today at Dallas Window Film? We’re always happy to offer a quote, answer any questions, and steer you to the most appropriate product for your particular needs. And if you want to take that sun protection thing a step further, ask us about our residential UV block window films as well.