C-Bond: The Ultimate Protection For Dallas Commercial Spaces

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A Safer Dallas With High-Tech Films And C-bond Adhesive

You really can’t be “too protected” from crime or attacks when it comes to owning, running, or managing commercial space here in Dallas.   Whether it be a retail store, bank, arena, church or school, there really is no such thing as being too safe. The reason? These places, time and time again are targeted for crime, terror attacks or both.  The reason public spaces here in Dallas and across the country are targeted is because they almost always have a lot of people in them and therefore–the most damage to inflict. Furthermore, they are difficult to properly monitor and protect.  This is why for public commercial buildings like these, one of the best protections an owner, property manager or government official can have applied is–high-tech safety and security film. We know It doesn’t seem like a thin film will make for outstanding protection but, security window film, in coordination with an amazing specialty adhesive called C-Bond, and safety frames, can and will do the job.  Including resistance to bullets and bomb. Let’s take a closer look at C-bond adhesive and how it will work to keep Dallas safe.

The Cutting Edge Science Behind C-bond

The incredible C-bond patented technology the result of years of research in nanotechnology.  This type of engineering is the manipulation of atoms and molecules. Amazing right? Water-based and non-toxic, this glass reinforcing product dramatically changes the properties of glass: strength and flexibility most of all when used in coordination with security films and adhered to glass.

How Does C-bond Work To Protect Dallas Commercial Spaces?

The one of a kind properties of C-Bond allows the glass to greatly dissipate the energy from a projectile on the molecular level.  In fact, it offers the strongest protection for Dallas commercial spaces available today. While something like a bullet or bomb blast will shatter a glass window, security films treated with C-bond will stay attached to the glass because of C-bond’s strengthening qualities.  The result is glass that stays attached to the film in the window–and does not fly around where it could hurt or kill. Furthermore, an intruder trying to breach the windows on your Dallas property, even one shooting a gun, will have to work extra hard to actually get through glass.  Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how windows with C-bond perform.

Here at Dallas Window Film, we have vast and deep knowledge about safety and security film installation paired with the powerful C-bond adhesives.  We have installed thousands of high-performance security window films and will come to you to assess your commercial space as well–churches, schools, government buildings or any other type or building. Contact us today to schedule a free onsite evaluation!