3 Reasons Why Llumar Window Film Makes Sense For Dallas Homes

llumar window film for homes in dallas

Why Your Windows Need The Power Of LLumar Protection

In Dallas the homes are big and windows work twice as hard to keep out the humid Texas heat.
If you are a Dallas homeowner, Llumar Window Film is a great choice to improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and design.W

Window Film For Comfort & Efficiency

Have you ever thought about replacing your windows? Before undertaking such an expensive project, consider Llumar Solar Window Films. These innovative window films apply to your existing windows and can keep glare and heat out, reduce your energy bills, block UV rays and can be absolutely transparent if that is the look you want to maintain. They also come in tinted and mirrored, among other options.

Window Film To Add Style and Privacy

Llumar Window Films offer both function AND form. Windows and glass surfaces can be covered with frosted window film or any one of a number of designs. Stripes, geometric patterns, swirls, the options are endless. Llumar window films can also help with privacy. Let’s say you have a window on the side of your house that faces your next door neighbor’s side window. Add window film and you’re all set.

Llumar Window Film for Safety/Security

Now consider that your home houses your family, pets, and your treasured possessions. Your windows can bring sunshine and fresh air into your home, but they can also be a vulnerable access point for Mother Nature or thieves. Installing Llumar Window Film is a smart and easy way to actually protect against break-ins and accidents. It is a thin, almost invisible film that is strong enough to keep your windows from breaking in case of an unfortunate event. Call us to learn more.

Dallas Llumar Window Film Experts

Here at Dallas Window Film, window film is our specialty. If you have any questions about Llumar Window Film and any of its applications, we are your trusted resource for window film information and installation in the Dallas area. Give us a call today.