How Long Does Bomb Blast Window Film Last?

For commercial properties considering their different security options, there is a lot of choices to think about. While active security systems are important for covering the majority of threats, there are some circumstances where these systems fall short. In terms of natural disasters and explosions, security systems don’t offer any additional protection for building occupants or valuables. When it comes to passive security systems, bomb blast window film is the best option for providing the level of safety your Dallas commercial property requires.

The Advantages of Bomb Blast Window Film for Your Dallas Commercial Property

You may be wondering how long bomb blast window film actually lasts. This is a great investment because it can last the life of the window. When properly installed, there shouldn’t be any issues in terms of product life. These security film products are also backed by great manufacturer warranties. As long as there’s no yellowing or changes in color, then you won’t have to replace your window film once it is installed. Bomb blast film provides great product life and lasts until an impact occurs. Bomb blast window film can provide the protection you need from natural disasters, explosions, severe weather, break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, and more. High impact events are absorbed by the film. Since all glass fragments are bonded together by your security film, no glass shrapnel will harm building occupants or property valuables. This passive security system offers the peace of mind that you need.

Work with Dallas’ Preferred Source for Bomb Blast Window Film

Dallas Window Film is honored to be the preferred source for bomb blast window film in the Texas area. Our team of security experts is happy to work with you to find the right bomb blast film or other specialty security film for your commercial property. For more information regarding bomb blast window film, please contact us!