Case Study: Hotel Captures Stunning Views While Blocking Harsh UV Rays

We recently had the honor of working on a Mariott hotel project. The new hotel had numerous floor to ceiling windows letting in gorgeous surrounding views. One thing the new property didn’t account for was the significant glare experienced throughout the building during the afternoon. This made a lot of common areas unbearable, leaving these spaces under-utilized by guests. The hotel contacted us to find a solution for their glare. With top of the line windows installed, energy efficiency actually wasn’t an issue. We recommended hotel window film for addressing glare and UV protection.

The Benefits of Hotel Window Film for Your Dallas Property

The hotel‘s initial thought was to install roller shades or similar window treatments on their windows. We recommended against this because it wasn’t ideal to block the stunning views especially during one of the prettiest times of the day. Another thing they would have to consider was the significant labor costs that would be required to operate all the roller shades throughout the day every day. Hotel window film offered the best solution since it didn’t impact views and didn’t require any manual operation. They loved this idea but were concerned with how the exterior of their property would appear. Due to the large number of windows, any change to window appearance would severely impact the exterior appearance. That’s why we took the liberty of pre-installing over ten different window film solutions to make sure they felt comfortable with what the exterior of their property would look like.

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