How Long Does Home Window Film Last?

Window film is becoming a more and more popular home upgrade. It solves many issues stemming from windows yet is still very affordable. It can also add greatly to the aesthetics of the windows on your home or business. The ROI on window film is fantastic as well. However, to properly calculate the ROI of window film for your home or business application you must also know how long window film will last. The quick answer is–anywhere from 10-20 years–depending on a few influencing factors.

Factors The Affect The Lifespan of Window Film

As mentioned, window film is very durable and can last 20 years in the right conditions. But very rarely are conditions perfect. To get a better idea about what kind of wear and tear could affect the life of your window film you must consider the following:

  1. The exposure of the film to the sun: While window film holds up to even the most intense sun exposure for years. In hotter climates or on windows facing east or west –the film will take more of a beating. This means some windows on your home may have to have the film replaced before others. But, remember, the windows on which the film gets the most wear from the sun are also the ones that need the film the most. Therefore, this film is likely garnering you the most ROI.
  2. The Quality of the film: In regards to solar films, polyester films tend to adhere more easily to windows than any other film. However, it is not nearly as resistant to scratches. Ceramic window films are the best quality window tint. Accordingly, they are more expensive. Since they are so very resistant to scratches and damage they tend to last longer than other solar control films. For nearly every window film you will find a higher price point equals better quality which almost always means a longer lifespan and/or warranty.
  3. The skill or experience of the installer: Window tinting is something you can do yourself but doing so could very well lower the lifespan of your film. It almost always nulls the warranty as well. By having your window film installed by a true professional you ensure the adhesion is correct, the look is impeccable and that the warranty stays intact.
    Window Film Warranties

When it comes down to it, a window film, when installed correctly will outlast the time it takes to get a solid ROI. This is further ensured by the stellar warranties any reputable film company provides.

Commercial Window Film Warranties

These are usually incredibly generous. At the very least window, tint companies offer a 10-year commercial warranty. Considering window film pays for itself in 2-3 years–this gives commercial properties plenty of time to lock in a solid ROI.

Residential Window Film Warranties

Window film warranties for homes are more often than not even longer. If fact, it is not unusual for many residential window films to have a lifetime warranty. So, should you have issues with your film the manufacturer will send out a certified technician to fix it.

The Warranty From the Installer

Another benefit of hiring a certified window film installer is that any reputable company will offer their own warranty on installation. This will vary from company to company. However, like us, many installation companies offer a 10-year warranty on defects due to installation.

As you can see, window film is a solid investment that is durable and will last for years and years to come. For more information on window film for your Dallas home or business, contact us at Dallas Window Film today!