Protect your business windows with security window film


Because of their locations, store-fronts can be highly vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. This is particularly true if the store is on a busy main street in a bustling downtown, in an area of gang related activity or high crime, or in a neighborhood that frequently has festivals, street fairs, or is outside a stadium with high-intensity major league ball games that gets people’s emotions running hot.

One little-known and cost effective solution is security window film. It is the easily affordable, easily installed, long lasting, and criminal-thwarting option for security conscious business owners.

Broken glass can be expensive and costly for the business owner, and that might be the least of your expenses if an intruder can actually get into your business, doing even more damage. If your inventory, equipment, or electronics and computer equipment are stolen or damaged, even the best insurance cannot save you from a major headache.

By installing security window film you can prevent intruders from breaking into your business. There are several kinds of security window film, each with a different level of protection.

Dallas window film security

The first type has a nearly invisible polyester mesh embedded in it, which will hold all the shards of glass right in place if some thug or thief comes along and takes a brick or baseball bat to your plate glass windows. The glass will shatter, but it will not fall to pieces. The intruder will not gain entry, and although you will still have to replace the pane of glass, there will be no dangerous mess of glass shards everywhere to clean up. This could be very important if the glass that breaks was to shatter all over your inventory, rendering it unsaleable.

Security window film is an excellent addition to your existing security measures such as an alarm system, and it is definitely much nicer to look at than bars or grates on your windows.

Another type of security glass is literally shatter resistant. This anti-shatter film is made by Llumar, one of the highest quality and most cutting edge manufacturers of window films. There is an astonishing video of this film in action, right on YouTube, which shows a man trying to break a pane of glass with a bat. But the glass does not break, it doesn’t even crack, because it anti shatter window film installed. Take a look at this video and see for yourself.

If you have security concerns for your business, please give us a call and talk to one of our window film experts today. We can discuss the various types of security window film on the market and make a recommendation that will be perfect for your security needs.

Why ever leave your business at night, wondering if someone will break in through your windows? Why not sleep with peace of mind that your livelihood is protected with a cost-effective, high technology security window film installed on all your windows?

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