Privacy window film can help employees stay focused

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Of course you were thrilled when you opened your new offices on the ground floor in one of the city’s busiest neighborhoods. The increase in visibility and business from the foot traffic alone was a major plus. But your new office with the passersby and those big plate glass windows turned out to have a major drawback – your staff were constantly distracted by whatever was happening in the street, and people kept coming up and pressing their face against the glass on the outside, to see what was going on inside your premises.

One simple, affordable solution? Privacy window film for offices.

Privacy window film puts a coating on your big plate glass windows that give it a whole different look. It will still let the sunlight in, but it will give your staff the privacy they need to stay focused on their work, and your clients the privacy they need to feel comfortable doing business in your offices.

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Privacy window film for offices comes in various different styles and patterns and even colors. It’s fantastic for offices with glass partitions, offices in buildings where the doors are glass and anyone can see in. It’s even fantastic for adding an interesting new look to your offices, if you choose a decorative window film.

Decorative and privacy window films are one of our most popular installations for all kinds of commercial spaces. Unlike an energy window film, these do nothing to lower your heating or cooling costs, but they add a whole new level of interest and aesthetic appeal to your glass areas, while upping the privacy factor.

A privacy window film for office spaces can be anything from a white, frosted appearance to a pattern. It can be completely opaque, or more translucent. Here at Scottish Window Tinting, we are proud to offer the Llumar Illusions line of privacy and decorative window films. They have recently expanded their line to over 50 different films, including:

  • Frosts – Ensure privacy and diffuse for a fraction of the cost of etched glass.
  • Patterns – Match décor and aesthetic with patterns from playful to classic.
  • Textures – Cover specialty windows and authentically simulate textured glass.
  • Gradients – Hide unattractive areas tastefully, or add a modern design element.
  • Specialties – Mask light, add privacy or enliven with a bold pop of color.

Learn more about Llumar here.

Do you need more privacy anywhere in your office or other commercial space where there is a bit too much glass? Do you want to give your clients more privacy from prying eyes and eliminate distractions for your employees? If you do, please contact Dallas Window Film today to find out more about privacy window film for offices.