Security window film can protect your family and pets from broken glass.

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Security window film is often thought of as merely a deterrent for break-ins. It is outstanding for that, keeping the glass in the frame and not allowing it to shatter or allow the intruder entry. It’s perfect for storefronts and other businesses on busy downtown streets and any high crime areas. Installing this high-tech product can save business owners a lot of money and aggravation.

So why might you want security window film if you don’t live in a high-crime or high risk area? Because there are various other benefits associated with this film as well, benefits that just might make it worth your while.

Imagine the kids are playing baseball in the backyard when a stray baseball flies through the window shattering glass all over the room, the floors, the upholstered furniture, into the curtains, everywhere. What a mess. No, it’s more than that. What a dangerous mess. Kids as well as dogs are naturally curious and often want to explore what happened. You can see where this is leading, into a disaster of broken glass and cuts. Not to mention the difficulty and aggravation of cleaning it up, and the need to immediately replace the window.

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One client called us and told us his home was right behind a local softball field. After the third time a softball – which apparently is not that soft – shattered his window, this guy was at his wits end. He inquired about security window film and was really delighted when he realized that it was an inexpensive solution to the problem of flying balls. Much more inexpensive than moving, much nicer than boarding or barring up his windows.

Here’s how security window film works. Installing the film to your existing windows is quick and clean. Once it’s attached to the glass, the polyester mesh inside it fuses to your window and if anything hits it, it holds all the glass in place. It might break, but it won’t spray all over your home and cause a hazard. You will still have to replace the glass, but you will not have the mess.

Now, if our client really wanted to go all out, he could buy a top of the line window film that doesn’t even allow the glass to break if a softball or a brick hits it. We’re talking about Llumar’s 7 mil Safety and Security Film. There’s a great YouTube video of a guy hitting this security window film with a bat, repeatedly. Take a look here. This is a product that we carry. Isn’t it amazing that a thin film applied to glass can keep it from shattering? The wonders of modern technology!

If you are interested in security window film for any reason, crime, mischief, or just peace of mind, contact us at Dallas Window Film today for a free quote.