Ways that Security Window Film Can Make Dallas Schools Safer

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We live in a time in which the safety of public schools is at a greater risk than it ever has been. In fact, according to the Chicago Tribune, the United States experiences far more school targeted incidences of violence than almost any other country in the world.

Shootings are occurring at an unprecedented rate in our schools. Now is a more frightening time than ever to be a teacher or student at a public school. With such staggering statistics at hand, school districts have a responsibility to do everything they can to protect school campuses and students. That’s why more and more Dallas schools are turning to security window film as a solution.

What Is Security Window Film?

Security window film is a special type of glass laminate that’s made out of high grade polyester and is designed to strengthen glass and prevent glass related accidents, injury, and intrusion. The film is often attached in place with the aid of a specialized impact attachment system or glass primer. When a window or glass pane is shattered, the film stands in its place so that the intruder can’t get inside. Additionally, security films help to retain all the tiny glass fragments that are known to cause life threatening injuries.

Ways Security Window Film Makes Schools Safer

Security window film helps make schools safer in a variety of ways. Not only do these films provide peace of mind for teachers and parents, but they also protect against accidents, intruders, vandalism, and natural disasters.

1. Deters intruders
Commonly installed in entries and areas of vulnerability, like windows or doors with large glass panes, security window films provide schools with a major advantage when it comes to deterring armed intruders. With a security window film, staff can quickly lock the classroom door or entrance and significantly delay an intruder. The intruder won’t be able to smash through the glass to grab the handle because the film will stop them from reaching inside.

2. Protects against vandalism
Vandalism happens at all schools, regardless of the safety of the city or neighborhood they’re in. Schools can use security anti graffiti window films to deter vandals and save money on graffiti removal for bathroom mirrors, signs, and restroom stalls.

3. Prevents injury
Broken glass is one of the leading causes of injury during accidents and emergencies. Installing a security window film can reduce the risk of students and staff being injured by broken glass.

Protect Your School with Security Window Film

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