How UV Blocking Window Film Can Extend the Life Expectancy of Furniture & Flooring

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At some point growing up, you were probably taught about the importance of putting on sunblock before you go outside. Putting on sunblock is important for protecting your skin against ultraviolet radiation. When uv rays from the sun come into contact with our skin for too long a period of time, the intense radiation is too much for our skin to handle and that’s when we end up with a sunburn.

But did you know that your furniture and floors also need protection from the sun? That’s right. UV radiation is just as vicious to the beautiful carpets, drapes, artwork, and hardwood floors in your home. When dyes are exposed to uv rays for too long, they break down at the molecular level and the color is drained out of fabrics and flooring, resulting in a faded appearance.

Fortunately, there’s a solution! Installing uv protection window film can protect your Dallas home or office from uv rays and extend the life expectancy of your furniture and flooring.

How UV Protection Film Can Protect Your Furniture

Uv damages has serious negative consequences. But no one wants to shut the sun out of their home completely. After all, we need some sunlight to stay healthy. Natural lighting is also important for maintaining a warm, welcoming interior and it’s much more appealing than artificial lighting.

With uv protection window film for your Dallas home, you don’t have to keep the blinds closed all the time or worry about what will happen if you draw back the shades. Once in place, UV protection film works like a sort of filter, separating the various EMR frequencies as they stream through your windows. Visible light can get through the film with no problem, but uv rays and infrared heat are instantly halted and reflected back out. The benefit of this is that you can enjoy the sun and the views without worrying about destroying your furniture.

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Health Benefits of Window Film

Another benefit of installing window film is that it not only protects items in your home from the sun, but people too. UV rays cause a number of ailments, including cancer, eye disease, and premature aging. Installing window film can help protect your employees or family from uv rays and keep them healthy. In fact, it’s so effective that it’s recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Protect Your Space with Window Film

Protect your belongings from the sun. Call Dallas Window Film today to get a quote on uv protection window film for your Dallas home or office.