Case Study Shows the Benefits of Building Wrap for Dallas Historic Buildings

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3M recent completed a project in Copenhagen in which they were able to complete renovate a deteriorating historic building. How did they do it, you may ask? By installing building wrap. The promising results of this study show that Dallas businesses located in older buildings may also be able to experience similar benefits.

3M Reveals Results of Building Wrap Case Study

The Barcode is a commercial building located on the island of Amager in Copenhagen that’s owned by the commercial real estate investment firm Topdanmark Ejendom. Prior to its recent renovation, the exterior of the building had suffered considerable wear. The owners of the firm were concerned they that would not be able to attract new tenants due to its unattractive, worn down appearance.

That’s why the firm came to 3M looking for a solution. They needed to alter the exterior appearance of the building in an affordable manner and make it more appealing to potential clients. 3M recommended resurfacing the building with Controltac™ Series 180 film.

The film was used as a building wrap to cover up the old, faded surface and give it a more modern look. By printing the film with a horizontal black and white stripe pattern, the team was able to give the building a cool, stylish exterior. The total size of the project was over 10,000 square meters, but the investment was well worth it. The Barcode received much attention after the renovations, adding to the satisfaction of the real estate firm.

Building Wrap for Dallas Commercial Buildings

But the benefits of building wrap aren’t just limited to Copenhagen. Historic buildings all across Dallas can benefit from this cool and affordable architectural innovation. And we’re here to help you design and install it. Call Dallas Window Film today to get building wrap for your Dallas office or commercial building.