Can Window Film Save Money on Actual Energy Bills in Dallas?

Can Window Film Save Money on Actual Energy Bills in Dallas_ (1)

As many Dallas homes and businesses are feeling the constant summer heat, residents are looking for ways to lower their AC bills while still remaining comfortable indoors. With so many different energy efficiency solutions available on the market, finding an effective one that actually alleviates the financial burden of keeping cool in Texas is significant. Many of our clients always ask us, “Can window film save money on actual energy bills?” Dallas Window Film has completed thousands of energy efficient window film projects throughout the area– with so many happy customers boasting their newfound energy savings, we 100% stand behind the effectiveness of this product.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film for Your Dallas Home or Business

Energy efficient window film has always been a wonderful alternative to window replacement. This innovative product is extremely effective, costs a fraction of window replacement, can be installed within a day, improves the look of any damaged or outdated windows, and presents UV protection and glare reduction properties. With so many additional benefits for Dallas homes and businesses, energy efficient window film is a high-performance solution that also helps residents save considerably on energy bills. Property owners tend to save around 30% during the summer and around 10%-15% during the winter months. We’re happy to provide you a more accurate saving estimate once we sit down with you during your consultation. We simply need to understand your current energy bill and usage as well as individual property components to provide you a better savings estimate.

Installation Process for Energy Efficient Window Film for Dallas Homes and Businesses

Dallas Window Film delivers quick, stress-free installation times that utilize the highest grade adhesives and primers. We have the largest selection of energy efficient window films, ensuring you’ll find the perfect investment for your property.

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