How Window Film Prevents Fading Of Wood Finishes In Dallas Homes

fade prevention Window Film in Dallas

The Power Of Solar Control Window Film For Your Dallas Home

When you think about window film and tinting the uses that come to mind are often reduced glare or temperature control.  You, of course, would not be wrong in that assumption–window film is by far one of the most potent means of sun control available for homeowner today.  However, window film, by virtue of controlling the sun, also has a drastic effect on the way your most prized home furnishings age too. That’s right, it doesn’t just protect you from aging due to UV exposure but your wood floors, carpets, upholstery, and artwork too.  Just how does window film accomplish this very lofty feat? Read below to understand a little more of the science behind fading and fade reduction.

What Causes Furniture and Wood Floors To Fade?

Nearly everything is vulnerable to deterioration from the sun and furniture is no exception. While there is very little you can do to completely stop sun bleaching and fading in the long term, window film addresses the 3 main causes of fading (Ultraviolet Rays 40%, Visible Sunlight 25%, Solar Heat 25%) and will significantly reduce and delay the damage.  

How Does Window Film Stop Fading Of Furnishings?

Window film blocks 99% of these the damage-causing rays listed above.  This means you can rest assured that the items you have worked hard to purchase stay defect free for years to come.  It is also a much better alternative than keeping your curtains drawn or blinds down to protect your furnishings. Things like wood furniture, artwork, carpets and upholstered chairs are expensive and it if you have made any sort of sizable investment in them, you expect them to look good for awhile right?  Happily, window tinting is a relatively low-cost addition for your Dallas home so protection is well within your reach! When you take into account the added energy savings on top of the protection for the things you love–window tinting makes good sense.

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